Thanks for visiting the website for Sam’s Bottle Shop! The pages found here will serve as a basic insight as to what you’ll find when visiting our store. This is the second location of the legendary Durham institution known as Sam’s Quik Shop which is located in-between Duke’s East and West campuses. We decided to expand and open a second store to give South Durham, and those close to it, a taste of the craft beer movement. What we’re bringing to the table with Sam’s Bottle Shop is a modern take on what we’ve been doing for so long and that is providing the most diverse beer selection in the best possible atmosphere.

Sam’s Bottle Shop is destined to be the pride of North Carolina’s beer retail stores and surely one the most well stocked craft beer bottle shops in the country. Once you walk through the doors you’ll know that you’ve found yourself in a malt and hops wonderland that will be hard to leave! The added bonus of the upstairs tasting room and outdoor patio will make sure of this!

Lastly, there is this website. Built to enhance your experience, our website is designed to give you an insight into the breweries and some of their products that we carry. Just by clicking on the widgets for a brewery, Beer Advocate, Rate Beer or Wikipedia, you’ll be whisked away into a wealth of information! You can get started on your journey at the bottom of this page by checking out the Beer Styles tab. Once you’re there you can look at Beer Advocate to see all the examples made of a particular style or go to Wikipedia to learn some about the history of that style.

So come and see us at Sam’s Bottle Shop, grab a beer and kick it in style. We’re here to hopefully make your day better and maybe turn you on to a new favorite beer!